Steeping Tips

There are many ways to steep your tea including using a French Press, an infuser, a strainer or a reusable muslin bag. Two unbleached cotton reusable muslin bags come with your first order.

Step 1: Prep your water based on the temperature required for your tea.

Use a temperature controlled tea kettle or a thermometer to measure the temperature of your tea. Don’t have a thermometer?  Here is a trick to know if your tea is at the right temperature.

Black, herbal, Yerba Mate, and Rooibos tea steep at 212 degrees which equals to boiling water. Green tea needs to steep in 185-degree water which is equals to simmering water that shows bubbles around the sauce pan also known as fish eyes.

Step 2: Place the recommended amount of tea (usually a teaspoon) inside the muslin bag. Pull the strings closed and place them in your cup.

Step 3: Pour tea into your cup

Step 4: Steep covered for the recommended steeping time and then enjoy your

perfectly steeped tea.